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Software Development

The most important business segment in the more than 16 years of SCON GmbH's history is developing software systems on the basis of customer requirements. The basis of this is an in-depth knowledge of our customers' business processes and our ability to implement the associated requirements in applications.

On the basis of tried-and-tested process models, we use the development tools agreed for each environment to design and develop user-friendly application systems. In order to carry out these tasks expertly and reliably, we cover a wide range of the programming languages, database systems, system software, operating systems and related middleware products used on the IT market.

Desktop applications

Customized applications for specific hardware or operating systems often provide the most effective combination of IT organization, development effort and achievable commercial benefit.

Using an appropriate architectural foundation, we develop forward-looking applications for our customers and embed these applications in the overall strategy for the company's IT. Depending on the existing IT landscape, we use either as the model-based framework or .NET as the development platform.

  Network Infrastructure / Network Administration

Network technology is evolving at a rapid pace and requires Cisco and Microsoft network skills and knowledge to meet specific client network needs.

SCON are specialists in Cisco Professional Services, delivered by our team of experienced Cisco Engineers. We partner with our clients on Cisco projects offering Cisco Support services from high level Cisco Consultancy to CCNA personell.

Our engineers understand how to consult and troubleshoot an issue based on:

  • Routing & Switching design consultancy: network design, validation, capacity planning, LAN, & VLAN
  • Routing Protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP)
  • Cisco LAN/WAN & Cisco Wireless (Controller & AP configuration)
  • Load Balancers (Cisco CSS, ACE and F5 Load balancers)
  • TCP/IP stack and contemporary Layer 2/Layer 3
  • Routing Protocol Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • MPLS and MPLS VPNs Troubleshooting
  • Cisco Security products

Working with Kubikos IT to deliver Cisco Support services benefits our clients by:

  • Minimizing IT budgets through outsourcing, rather than employing the vast range of Cisco tracks in-house
  • Gain immediate access to certified Cisco personnel
  • Flexible billing solutions for the Cisco Support Services you use


We are a company that is powered by passion and its core value is to assist enterprises to add value, scale, innovate, and adapt to perform. Scon offers specialists in different fields from managing outsourcing services, providing cost effective outsourced software development individuals or teams on multiple technologies and administering network infrastructure solutions based on Cisco.

Full Project software outsourcing services

-As either a supplement to our Client Exclusive Team or as a separate offering entirely, we offer classic full-project outsourcing services based on time and material or fixed price. Blending technical know-how and a unique mix of technologies, we work with you to design, develop, deploy, and maintain software solutions. We provide a full range of services, helping you to accomplish your software development needs through a complex and thorough quality process that combines proven project management techniques with the latest in state-of-the-art software development.

We offer a unique blend of competence in consultancy, project management, choice of technology, and development tools, enabling us to support your needs throughout the entire project life cycle.

We, as a company, transform the way software is delivered. We embrace challenges and constantly strive to improve our technical skills. SCON GmbH is known for helping turn ideas into profits by listening and working closely with you and by adhering to agile development theories.

Embedded in our service model is a suite of best practices that ensures we avoid the risks related to outsourcing. Our best practices also prevent changes in direction that result in additional overhead for you. Our outsourcing services combine best-development methodologies and frameworks with global delivery, a collaborative partnership model, and constant dedication to improvement.

The secret of our success in project development is the fact that SCON's management has come to terms with the reality of the application development processes: that project requirements change and its impossible to define them at the beginning of the project with absolute exactitude. We have therefore embraced development processes that help us deliver the final product that you really want. By working with you on a constant basis, were able to eliminate unnecessary functions while enhancing and improving those that are crucial for the application.

Network Infrastructure Services

- Outsourcing network Infrastructure and Administration services benefits your company by minimizing the budget, rather than employing on-site network engineers. SCON has experts with knowledge based on years of experience in the field of network infrastructure and administration. Expertise in Microsoft and Cisco network products our certified personnel can tackle any problem and resolve it with high proficiency and professionalism.

Our team currently holds many technology industry qualifications and certifications like Cisco (CCNA , CCNA Security), Microsoft (MSCE) and Oracle (Java SE 8).


Technological advancements are changing every aspect of the business environment at a blistering pace. If companies want to outpace the competition, they need to stay up-to-date on the latest technology. They need to be nimble to compete successfully.

SCON GMBH offers you cost-effective consultations on how to develop, understand, and use information technology to improve business efficiency. Companies count on our technological know-how, and we deliver. We are experts in real-life solutions tailor-made for your situation. SCON GmbH can help you evaluate and put into practice your business ideas at any stage, from early business models to improvements and extensions of existing systems. With our flexible and transparent approach to problem solving and our diverse experience, our technology expertise and business knowledge can help you achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

We know that every client is different, and we work collaboratively to define the project. We want to understand your goals and deliver the perfect solution, every time.

Our core strategy is to continuously deliver value to you. We achieve this by doing whatever is required to ensure that the use of our technology is effective and that your business objectives are achieved


We offer young and enthusiastic IT specialists the chance to work in a young team and an interesting job in database and software development.


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We are very delighted that you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the SCON GmbH..



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